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Pet Dental Care Medford, OR

Your pet’s mouth looks just as healthy as ever, but is it? Dental problems can and do occur in pets, but some escape an owner’s notice, while others can easily be prevented through proper wellness care. Here at Medford Animal Hospital, any Medford veterinarian on our experienced team can provide the ongoing care and treatment your dog or cat needs to enjoy a healthy, comfortable life.

Pet Dental Care

Why You Need a Cat and Dog Dentist: Common Conditions

What kinds of oral problems might call for the aid of a cat and dog dentist? Perhaps the most common example is periodontal disease, an inflammatory condition afflicting the gum tissues around the teeth. Periodontal disease starts when bacteria cluster around plaque and tartar. The pet’s immune system responds by creating inflammation, which in turn weakens and destroys the tissues. Your pet may suffer from bleeding gums, infections, and tooth loss if this condition is allowed to progress. Infections can also attack decayed, cracked, or broken teeth, with bacteria possibly moving to the vital organs. Oral cancer is yet another threat to your pet’s mouth. Last but not least, an injury can damage your pet’s mouth or jaw.

While you might notice an acute injury or the obvious signs of inflamed gums, you can’t always know when your pet’s dental health is in danger. Oral cancer, in particular, may be very hard for a layman to detect until it is too late. For all of these reasons, you need to make sure your pet receives regular preventative care.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning, Exams, and Treatment

Trust your Medford veterinarian at Medford Animal Hospital to provide your pet with detailed cat and dog teeth cleanings, exams, and any necessary dental treatment. X-rays and visual examinations allow us to diagnose infections, decay, tooth damage, periodontal teeth, or oral cancer. Most pets need one dental exam per year, but some pets may need two or more to help us catch problems as early as possible. Cat and dog teeth cleaning under anesthesia does away with the tartar that leads to periodontal disease. If your pet does require treatment, we can administer medications or surgery to restore your pet’s mouth to health. We can also counsel you on ways to keep your pet’s teeth and gums in good shape from one dental visit to the next.

Let Medford Animal Hospital Take Care of Your Pet’s Teeth

Give your pet something to smile about in the form of optimal dental health. Call Medford Animal Hospital at (541) 772-2222 to set up a dental appointment at our Medford clinic!