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Pet Diabetes Medford, OR

“Is my pet at risk for diabetes?” It’s a question that many pet owners don’t really think to ask, even when there are signs that their dog or cat should be seen by a veterinarian in our animal hospital.

At Medford Animal Hospital in Medford, Oregon, we believe that the earlier the diagnosis, the better chance your pet will have to lead a long and healthy life. That’s why we urge you to bring your pet in for a wellness exam if you start to notice any signs of diabetes, such as excessive thirst, decreased appetite, weight loss, cloudy eyes, and recurring infections.

If our veterinarians confirm a diagnosis, we will work with you and your pet to provide the best possible treatment for the disease.

What is Diabetes?

Like in humans, diabetes in dogs and cats occurs when the body can’t use glucose, a type of sugar used in a form of digestion. To help a diabetic pet process glucose, owners are required to give insulin injections.

What is insulin? Insulin is needed to transfer glucose from the bloodstream to the body’s cells. If there is too little insulin or if the body can’t use it, glucose accumulates in the blood, causing a condition called hyperglycemia.

If your pet suffers from diabetes, there is a chance that your pet’s blood sugar will not be enough for its body cells. With the lack of energy in the cells, your pet’s body may not work properly.

How is Diabetes Treated?

Successful treatment of diabetes will require regular veterinary exams, as well as frequent blood and urine tests. You will also be asked to monitor your pet’s weight, eating, and drinking habits. Our veterinarian can discuss with you about managing the disease for your pet. We know each pet will have a different treatment than others, so we make sure that your pet has the right treatment.

Typically, we provide an initial dose and type of insulin to begin treatment. We will show you how to give the insulin injection under your pet’s skin by using a very small needle.

While it’s true that many pet owners worry about administering insulin shots to their pets, many adjust very quickly to the new routine. Many are often relieved to learn their pets don’t seem to mind the shots.

Managing Pet Diabetes Successfully

At Medford Animal Hospital in Medford, Oregon, we know that successful management of a diabetic pet takes a team approach and a consistent level of care. If your pet has been recently diagnosed with diabetes, or you have questions concerning your pet’s health, call us today at (541) 772-2222.