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Pet Laser Therapy Medford, OR

Have you ever considered how the healing power of light might hold life-changing benefits for your dog or cat? If not, you’ll want to learn about an advanced healing and pain management modality called low-level or “cold” laser therapy. This technology can help pets enjoy better physical function, faster healing, and less acute or chronic pain in a wide range of circumstances. That’s why we make a point of offering pet laser therapy here at Medford Animal Hospital.

Pet laser treatment

Pet Laser Therapy Explained

The pet laser therapy we use has its origins in similar techniques administered to human patients. Cold lasers operate at a lower energy frequency than surgical lasers. The lower level permits the beam to pass through the skin without cutting tissue. Instead, the beam penetrates harmlessly and painlessly to a depth of several centimeters — where diseased or damaged tissue is awaiting treatment.

Laser therapy is a pleasant experience for animals. Your pet will relax comfortably as we pass a handheld laser emitter over the treatment site (with no shaving required). The beam triggers a process known as photobiomodulation which increases the cells’ access to an energy source called ATP. Armed with these new supplies of ATP, the cells get to work on repairing and regenerating themselves. At the same time, the laser increases the flow of blood and drainage of fluids at the treatment site.

Benefits For Dogs and Cats

The twin mechanisms of photobiomodulation and boosted circulation offer a number of benefits for dogs and cats. The more efficiently cells can repair themselves, the more rapidly injuries or other forms of tissue damage can resolve themselves. The enhancement of circulation helps reduce swelling, expel inflammatory substances, and relieve pain without the use of drugs. Joints and muscles can also gain a greater range of pain-free motion.

Conditions Treated by Pet Laser Therapy

Pet laser therapy can serve as a standalone or supportive treatment for many different kinds of conditions. Our Medford veterinarian may use it for:

  • Pet dental treatment – A pet dental injury or extraction can heal more rapidly and comfortably with the aid of laser therapy.
    Arthritis – Laser therapy is a safe, drug-free form of arthritis pain management
  • Soft tissue injury rehabilitation – Laser therapy can help your pet overcome acute or chronic muscle, tendon, or ligament injuries.
  • Neuropathy care – Laser therapy can ease neuropathy and promote nerve healing.

Can laser therapy help your pet?

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